Questions to Ask When Choosing a Physical Therapist

Q: Does your clinic provide personal, one-­on-­one treatments provided by the Physical Therapist, not aides, and who remains with you through the entire plan of treatment?

A: At Summit PT, treatment is provided by a licensed Physical Therapist for the entire plan of treatment. We do not switch you to anyone else, during your sessions here.


Q: Do you provide next day, or same day appointments, or does one generally have to wait to be seen?

A: Your problem may need immediate attention. We can schedule you now, and up to 3 times per week, if needed.


Q: Do you take my insurance plan?

A: A comprehensive list of the insurance we accept is on this website – click HERE to be taken to the page.


Q: If I have a high deductible policy, or no insurance, how much do you charge for P.T.?

A: It is very important for the P.T. clinic to answer this question without hesitation. Call our clinic to get the price for your evaluation and treatment of your problem, for payment at the time of service.


Q: Is your Physical Therapy effective?

A: Your P.T. and you need to work as a team, setting and achieving goals. I believe good physical therapy consists of appropriate manual therapy and sound exercise therapy principles. Just as important, the P.T. needs to LISTEN to the client, evaluate the result of a particular technique or exercise, and change the treatment if relief of symptoms or resolution of your problem is not forthcoming.

For compassionate, high-quality, hands-on physical therapy, call Summit Physical Therapy at 503-699-2955. Or use our convenient Contact form.