Welcome to Summit Physical Therapy! 

Whether you’re suffering from neck and shoulder pain, recovering from a sports injury or surgery, in need of joint replacement therapy, or simply want to perform your day-to-day activities without arthritis pain, Summit Physical Therapy can help put the joy of pain-free movement back into your life.


What Makes Summit Physical Therapy Special?

Expertise in state-of-the-art therapies

Paul Kane, PT, CMP, excels at the Mulligan concept of “mobilization with movement,” a newer manual therapy approach to physical therapy that yields better results in far less time than previously required.

Personal attention

Paul stays with you throughout your entire session, giving you his undivided attention – from evaluation and diagnosis through manual therapy treatment and progressive strengthening exercises. You will never be assigned to an assistant or left alone to use equipment without supervision.

Gentle touch

Paul is great at working with young patients (he has three kids of his own) and seniors, who benefit from his gentle touch and sensitivity to their concerns.

Comprehensive care

Paul can help you overcome back injuries, sports injuries, whiplash, ankle pain, tennis elbow and tennis elbow pain. He is great with running knee injuries, patellofemoral pain syndrome, tendonitis and shoulder rotator cuff injuries.

We Offer Same- Or Next-Day Appointments for Acute Pain

Sports Injuries or Back Injuries! Why suffer while waiting for treatment? We have helped thousands of people of all ages from Lake Oswego, Tualatin, Tigard, Sherwood, Wilsonville, OR and surrounding communities since 1995.


Pain Relief

If you are currently in PAIN, and you are frustrated that your previous efforts to find relief haven’t helped… 

Click HERE to take the first step to finding the PAIN RELIEF you need!!


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