Knee/Meniscus Pain/Injury

Knee pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, including arthritis, patellofemoral dysfunction, or weakness in the muscles surrounding the knee. Another common cause is meniscus tears.

The meniscus are discs of cartilage that provide a cushion for the knee joint during weight bearing activities. The meniscus also allows the knee to straighten and bend smoothly. Meniscus tears often happen during sudden pivots or turns, deep squatting, or heavy lifting. They can also occur during a fall that wrenches the knee out of its normal position. 63% of people with knee pain have meniscus damage.

Fortunately, most knee injuries are mild to moderate and can be resolved through skilled physical therapy. More severe injuries may require surgery first, followed by PT afterward. Post-surgical physical therapy is essential to regaining the full range of motion in the joint.

Your therapy will begin by focusing on pain relief and treatments that will promote the healing process. Gentle stretching and manual therapy will help ease stiffness and restore range of motion. Progressive strengthening exercises will focus on the muscles surrounding the knee, to reduce stress on the joint and provide more support and stability. This will not only help your current injury heal, but it will also go a long way towards preventing a similar injury in the future.

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