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"Paul was very helpful in many ways. He showed me multiple exercises to help keep my shoulder and neck healthy. I went in for neck pain and stiffness and had immediate positive results after being treated by him. I liked the fact that he was the one treating me throughout my treatment and that I was not handed off to someone else for parts of the treatment session. He answered all of my questions and seemed genuinely concerned about my well being. Laura the office manager was also very accommodating and helpful. I would recommend Summit Physical Therapy to family and friends.- 10/14/20"
Oct 14, 2020
"I cannot recommend Paul Kane enough! I had a very painful and debilitating health issue in my inner ears that no one seemed to be able to help me with. Paul researched my situation in his off-job hours because he cares so much. By the fourth visit, I was feeling good again. What a difference that was--all due to Paul's determination to help me become pain free. His commitment and dedication to each of his patients is remarkable. He is a world-class PT--with expertise in all aspects of the body, AND he is very comfortable to work with. He earned my trust and respect. I highly recommend him to anyone with a health challenge! - 09/22/20"
Sep 22, 2020
"After a severe leg injury, Paul has helped me find my way back to be able to walk, though with a walker and still more work to do. He guides me with exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles until I discover I can trust my own strength and balance to progress and attempt to walk with a cane. Paul assists me through encouragement; he challenges me while still sympathizing with me. I've delayed writing this, because it's not easy to write about my journey. But it is important to say that Paul shown me that I can do this, that I can believe in my ability, and I am now stronger in body and courage. I am grateful for his kindness and patience. - 09/17/20"
Sep 17, 2020
"The staff and service provided at Summit Physical Therapy is what most small and large businesses dream that they can provide. As a Physical Therapist Paul Kane is an astute diagnostician, an expert designer of the proper therapy, and a joy to talk with as you are going through treatment. Laura, who is the person of contact for appointments, billings, and anything administration is equally service oriented, genuine, a please to work with, and someone you look forward to seeing when you enter their office. I wholeheartedly recommend Summit Physical Therapy for those who need treatment. I felt at all times "I was in good hands." - 08/31/20"
Aug 31, 2020
"I HAVE BEEN A CLIENT OF SUMMIT TWICE, IN 2014 AND IN 2020. On each occasion, I received complete personalized service—always pain free and always excellent results obtained. - 05/06/20"
May 06, 2020
"Paul Kane takes the time to ask questions to determine the right treatment. He explains your treatment so that you know why you're doing each exercise or stretch. My wife and I have gone to Paul for a number of issues over the last few years and have been very pleased with our treatment and outcome. - 02/07/20"
Feb 07, 2020
"Dr. Paul has been heaven sent. He has worked with my husband and recently though his workouts have been intense at times I can see a big improvement on his overall mental and physical state. I would very definitely recommend Summit Physical Therapy to anybody that is experiencing any pain or discomfort as he is truly very good at what he does. Also, his office manager Laura is very accommodating and is willing to take care of any problems with scheduling. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! - 11/25/19"
Nov 25, 2019
"Paul Kane, PT, CMP is outstanding. He assesses the specific location of pain which leads to precise exercises to strengthen, stretch, reduce pain and increase mobility. Patients aren't on equipment for extended portions of an appointment, although equipment is sometimes used. Instead they are learning, practicing "homework" assignments: targeted, tailored exercises for their problem. Recently my "homework" included strengthening my multifidus muscle, which I'd never heard of but was a part of the solution to my lower back pain. Some exercises were adapted because they hurt my arthritic hands. His ability to modify to meet patient constraints is unique, I think. New exercises are added as one gets better, stronger. Finally, Mr. Kane answers questions, has explanatory models and charts, and most importantly, encourages along the way. - 08/29/19 "
Aug 29, 2019
"Summit Physical Therapy is outstanding. I have used the services of Paul Kane for a right hip joint replacement in 2012 and a left hip joint replacement in 2018. My goal after both procedures... with time to heal and then physical therapy to walk and exercise normally without fatigue or pain. Both goals have been met! The key and what makes Summit physical therapy special is Paul Kane. He gives his expertise and undivided attention during the session. No two cases are alike, therefore what is needed is not only physical therapy expertise but creativity to design the best program for success. Paul Kane is caring but works work you hard during your session to optimize results. I recommend him without any reservation! - 10/14/18 "
Oct 04, 2018

I want to let you know that I’ve seen Paul Kane for Physical Therapy four times. I’m amazed at how well my foot has improved with his techniques and home exercises he recommended. The pain is greatly reduced to nearly 0, the swelling is markedly reduced, and I have enough mobility to return to normal physical activity. Thank you Paul.

– C. Flannery

Paul is very kind and courteous and knowledgeable. He explains what the cause of the problem. I came for shoulder pain. 90 percent better now. I recommend him highly.

– S Chang

When I walked into Summit Physical Therapy for my first appointment, it wasn’t about the paper work, the copayment, but better yet, I was met with the best of the best, the owner Paul Kane who not only is the owner, but he is also your and my therapist if you choose Summit Physical Therapy for your rehab too. It felt so good to know I was not going to be passed off from one employee to another based on rotations and my appointment schedule…… Paul is very personal and attentive to every need. I couldn’t make it to my appointment one day because my pain was winning. Paul made a house call instead, because he cares about you. My case was complicated, not to get into details, but Paul took the time out of his day to attend a Doctor’s appointment with me…. Paul felt it was important my Doctor had all the facts of my condition…. For the first time, it didn’t feel like I was lining up in the shoot to see which clown was working the rodeo that day…. Paul takes a personal interest in you and your injury by spending every minute of every appointment working you through it physically and mentally. Paul cares and based on my experiences in Rehab Centers, if you can get onto Paul’s schedule at Summit Physical Therapy, you just made the best decision, and your body depends on it.

– Randy Reid

When therapy is needed, you must visit Paul Kane. Not only is he professional but personable. His positive attitude encourages you to do better. After one visit there was a marked improvement. He makes therapy fun!

– K. Wagner

I very much appreciate all the help I received from Paul. I had problems bending my knee and now I am not feeling any pain with the exercises he has given me to do. My knee is so much stronger! Thank you!

– K. Gende

I have enjoyed working with Paul Kane. His treatment was personalized and he always made sure I understood the exercises and my treatment plan.

– B.P.


– A.F.

I was directed to Paul for chronic back pain from an old injury as well as pain with my Achilles’ tendon. I had noticeable improvement after a couple of visits and now after 12 sessions I have much more flexibility and pain is nearly non existent. I would have come sooner if I knew that this would be the result. Amazing!

– M.B.

Fantastic! You can tell Paul loves his job. Wonderful attitude and probably the most thorough check-ups I’ve ever had. My appointment was one of the last ones of the day and never once did I feel like I was being rushed.Also the assistant, is just as attentive as Paul. You’ll be in great hands with him!

– J.W.

I’ve seen Paul Kane for neck pain that I experienced for the past 45 years due to an army injury. After a series of treatments, Paul was able to eliminate the pain and improve my range of motion to a greater degree. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul for any muscular or joint pain. Efficient and always on time.

– A.O.

Paul Kane is an excellent physical therapist. He treats each of his patients as an individual. I was looking for a physical therapist who would understand that I didn’t have just a broken knee and tibia. I had complications due to developing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and I needed a therapist who understood this condition and would offer cold laser treatments along with physical therapy that was tailored more to my situation.

I had been treated by two other therapists who didn’t understand that the more they fixated on the standard way of treating the broken knee with aggressive therapy, the worse my condition became. He has helped eliminate almost all of the CRPS and my knee and leg are finally becoming stronger due to his cold laser treatments and the appropriate type of physical therapy for my specific issues. He has a terrific bedside manner and a very well-run practice.

I would highly recommend Paul Kane to anyone who needs physical therapy and especially anyone who needs a therapist who cares and treats each patient as an individual case. In other words, he doesn’t have a meat-market, one-size-fits-all approach to his practice.

– H.F.

I have found Paul Kane to be thorough, professional, and personable. He explains each process as we go and explains the benefits expected from the work. He is very encouraging and positive. I look forward to each session and would highly recommend him as he was recommended to me by one of his patients.

– N.E.

Paul Kane has been great and a very positive physical therapist. Although my problem knee after patella surgery has been challenging, Paul was encouraging and very patient in getting me range of motion. I would recommend Summit Physical Therapy without hesitation.

– Patricia Steele

Paul Kane, in my opinion, an outstanding, dedicated physical therapist! He initially undertook a thorough questioning of the presenting concerns and then conducted an examination. Relevant questions were asked, a baseline was established and treatment was started. At each session, he checked on my progress compared to the baseline before starting manipulation and/or exercises. This was valuable information and great motivation. I believe he always had my welfare as his chief concern; I never felt he was extending the number of sessions for his monetary gain. According to my primary care provider, Paul’s records were detailed and meticulous. I credit Paul with my recovery!

– C. Mckenna

I have seen Paul twice in the past year for two separate and unrelated shoulder injuries. In both instances I have been very pleased by the friendliness, professionalism and- most importantly- the effectiveness of treatment. He and Nicki make the visits more enjoyable than one would expect from physical therapy appointments. I highly recommend Summit Physical Therapy.

– Nancy P.

Paul is very knowledgeable. He is patient and encouraging, never judgmental. Office staff friendly.

– Bruce K.

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